History: Barclaycard

Although the concept of credit card was not new, Barclays Bank enjoys the distinction of being the first bank to introduce credit card to the United Kingdom in 1966. Having been a part of banking and financing sector for over 300 years now, Barclays enjoyed immediate success with its popular credit cards which were aimed at offering improved banking services and an effortless travelling experience to all its members associated with the bank.  Today the Barclaycard has over 10.4 million users in the UK alone and over 10.8 outside the UK. Since its launch, Barclays have been continuously striving to improve the features of their credit card and have launched numerous variations so that they fit every ones needs.  They Barclaycard payment systems support both VISA and MasterCard. The major credit for the company’s success over the years goes to its dedication towards it customers and prioritizing customer interests over its own.

Barclaycard Success

Barclaycard has been the pioneer of many credit card marketing strategies, which has earned it many awards over the years. In fact its payment method launched in May, 2011, with which payment could be done through mobile phones meant that customers could make purchases through their mobile phones. This was a contact-less payment method. 50,000 stores were included in this network, where you could make purchases less than the amount, 20 pounds.

Assuming you are an Orange Service consumer, all you had to do was to Quick Tap and purchase what you wanted through Barclaycard. The quick Tap service has now been extended to Samsung’s Tocco Lite as well.

What are the different credit card services offered by Barclaycard?

Barclaycard offers types of credit card facility to its users, with each card further fulfilling the prime objective of offering services of the highest order so that card holders can enjoy the various functionalities offered by the company, efficiently and effortlessly. Barclaycard covers all the major fields where expenses can be made while making purchases or during a travelling routine. Some of the areas where Barclaycard can be used with utmost easer are retail, special interest, business, travelling abroad and other types of expenses all grouped together  to take your credit card experience to a completely new level. Gold and platinum cards offered by the company are normally more expensive and they are usually used by those who fall under the higher income brackets. However, given the higher annual fee of these cards, the credit limits offered by them are also considerably higher than those offered on normal cards therefore, giving gold and platinum card holders an edge over the others.

Barclaycard also offers you the oyster card, named OnePulse-in collaboration with London transport, which means that you can travel all over London using your OnePulse transport card instead of buying tickets to travel. This was launched in 2007.

How do you apply for a Barclaycard?

 If you are an existing or a new customer of Barclays Bank, to avail their credit card facilities, you just need to give them proofs of your income through your pay cheque statements for the past three months. The credit card issuer is thereby provide you with all the information about your credit card including the services that it offers and the time period within which you need to clear up your bills for a particular month.

The different Barclaycard offers offered to you may vary from bank branch to bank branch. For example, Oyster Card facilities are offered only in London for London transport. Barclaycard is continuously coming up with new ideas and schemes to facilitate bank – customer interaction. So look at the plans which suit you best and apply for a Barclaycard right now. With their easy to use payments facilities, shopping has never been so easy.

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